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Get the pack--save 10% (as compared to individual course purchase). Our newest new courses in one simple pack. Complete 50 CEU required for certification renewal--including your Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) requirement. Get updated with the latest that integrates New & Notable courses and a BOC approved EBP course.

Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance Maximize your athlete’s optimal peak performance, built upon evidence-based foundations and principles.... View more
10 CEU
Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best This is the first guide to motivational interviewing (MI)--the proven approach to harnessing the power of conversations to build relationships and trust...View more 10 CEU
Home Exercise Programs for Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries Examine rehabilitation issues surrounding the types of injuries that can occur and general exercise objectives with desired outcomes...View more 10 CEU
Concussions and Our Kids Explore what experts call “the single most important issue in sports today”--sports-related head trauma....View more 5 CEU
Performance Nutrition Examine the science through which nutrition can maximize human performance....View more 5 CEU
Evidence-Based Practice in Sport and Exercise Complete all your EBP requirements with this course. Develop skills in understanding and applying evidence-based practice. View more
10 CEU (EBP Foundations)
Total 50 CEU

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