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Get the pack--save 10% (as compared to individual course purchase). Get our newest courses in one simple pack, and complete 50 CEU required for certification renewal--including your Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) requirement. Get updated with the latest that integrates New & Notable courses and a BOC approved EBP course.

building motivational interviewing skills
Building Motivational Interviewing Skills Motivational interviewing (MI) is an absolute essential for health professionals and managers... View more
10 CEU
Athletic and Orthopedic Injury Assessment Examine relevant and practical authentic injury assessment examples to link theory and clinical practice. Enhance your clinical skills with realistic case studies of 130 common athletic injuries...View more 10 CEU
Concussion Repair Manual Review the latest research on medical technologies for healing the injured brain, and understand how to integrate the evidence-based data by discovering a step-by-step method...View more 10 CEU
Finding Your Sweet Spot
Is your athlete struggling with digestive problems, menstrual cycle irregularity, recurring injuries or mental fatigue—symptoms that can be related to energy deficiency...View more
10 CEU
Evidence-Based Practice in Sport and Exercise One program. Complete all your EBP requirements. Develops skills in understanding and applying evidence-based practice... View more
10 CEU (EBP Foundations)
Total 50 CEU

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