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Get the course pack--save 20% on exams--10% on books/Kindle eBooks (as compared to individual course purchase). Includes specially selected sports nutrition courses. Includes a BOC approved Evidence-Based Practice course. Complete all 50 CEU required for your professional renewal with this pack. Done.

Sports and Exercise Nutrition Examine the science of exercise nutrition and bioenergetics, with valuable insights into how the principles work in the real world of physical activity and sports medicine...View more
15 CEU
Essentials of Exercise and Sports Nutrition Develop and implement effective home exercise programs for exercise and sports rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions....View more 15 CEU
Finding Your Sweet Spot Is your athlete struggling with digestive problems, menstrual cycle irregularity, recurring injuries or mental fatigue—symptoms that can be related to energy deficiency...View more 10 CEU
Evidence-Based Practice in Sport and Exercise One program. Complete all your EBP requirements. Develops skills in understanding and applying evidence-based practice. Note the opt-in book is available as a Kindle eBook only... View more
10 CEU (EBP Foundations)
Total 50 CEU

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