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Diabetes Training Course Pack

16.5 CEU/CEC
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Product Details

Get the pack--save 10% (as compared to individual course purchase). Simplify your continuing education experience with a course pack that helps you work with the diabetic and prediabetic client.

What You Get
Continuing education exams and eBooks for each level (3 levels) of Diabetes Training Programs.

Diabetes Training Program Level 1 Gain fundamental knowledge and practical protocols about working with these clients, many of whom may have health issues... View more
5.25 CEU/CEC
Diabetes Training Program Level 2 Implement advanced clinical skills and protocols and understand specific medication needs, the influence of nutrition--especially low-carb eating—and help your clients overcome exercise barriers... View more 5.5 CEU/CEC

Diabetes Training Program Level 3 Maximize your training effectiveness by understanding the complex interplay and special challenges of these clients with diabetes.... View more 5.75 CEU/CEC
Total 16.5 CEU/CEC
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