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Board of Certification, Inc. Learning Domains

You asked--we made it easy.  Search for a continuing education course, by the Board of Certification, Inc. (BOC) Learning Domain.  Each Athletic Trainer 360 subject category corresponds to these BOC Learning Domain(s).

The BOC Learning Domains described:
1: Injury & Illness Prevention and Wellness Promotion

Promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors with effective education and communication to enhance wellness and minimize the risk of injury and illness.

2: Examination, Assessment and Diagnosis

Implementing systematic, evidence-based examinations and assessments to formulate valid clinical diagnoses and determine patients' plan of care.

3: Immediate & Emergency Care

Integrating best practices in immediate and emergency care for optimal outcomes.

4: Therapeutic Intervention

Rehabilitating and reconditioning injuries, illnesses and general medical conditions with the goal of achieving optimal activity level based on core concepts (i.e., knowledge and skillsets fundamental to all aspects of therapeutic interventions) using the applications of therapeutic exercise, modality devices and manual techniques.

5: Healthcare Administration and Professional Responsibility

Integrating best practices in policy construction and implementation, documentation and basic business practices to promote optimal patient care and employee well-being.

View detailed descriptions for each Learning Domain at the BOC publication,
Practice Analysis, 7th Edition. Outline: Domains and Tasks here.

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